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The word “cornice” has been a normal part of our family vocabulary for over 40 years. Our expertise originally lies with the restoration of traditional plaster cornices and has taken us to various projects located worldwide.  Our passion and wealth of experience has grown with us and, as a result, Authentic Additions evolved. We are extremely proud to bring you our very own cornice additions. Andrew specifically designed them to give Perth home owners a permanent and affordable solution to the ugly cracked cornices we see in our homes.

In addition to our very own solution to cracked cornices, we still carry out all types of projects with ceiling cornices, although we have moved away from large commercial contracts and focus more on the residential market. Work is varied, from small cornice repairs, to Gyprock and plaster-glass cornice installation. Our experience with restorative projects makes us an ideal choice for restoring broken or damaged sections of traditional plaster cornices. Andrew can take a piece of the damaged section away, make a new mould, and model a new piece of plaster cornice identical to what you have, finally installing it to match up to your existing cornice.

We pride ourselves on our perceptive eye for detail, our ability to “think outside the box” and to problem solve. The philosophy of our company is simply “keep it real and get it right” and we have selected these images in our gallery to demonstrate “the real us”.  They are not staged, with most being taken as we leave the job, tidied up ready for decorating.

We have collected literally hundreds of portfolio images of our work throughout the years but have selected a variety of more recent images to show a small range of our services. Please feel free to ask us for photographs of our works throughout the years. If after viewing our gallery, you still have further questions, please give our experts a call.

Pillar with Cornice Cracking
Pillar with cornice cracking
Cornice cracking
Cornice additions during installation
Pillar with cornice fitted to conceal cracking permanently
Pillar with cornice fitted to conceal cracking permanently
Plain gyprock cove cornice on column
Plain gyprock cove cornice
During installation of cornice repair and makeover
During cornice makeover
Completed column with cornice fitted
Column with cornice fitted. What a difference!
Before CA09 cornice addition fitted
Cornice being fitted to wall
CA 09 being fitted
Cornice Repair
After CA09 cornice addition fitted
Cornice Repair
Bedroom during Cornice Additions
Bedroom after Cornice Additions
Bedroom after Cornice Additions
Bathroom before Cornice Addition
Bathroom before Cornice Addition
Bathroom after Cornice Addition
Bathroom after Cornice Addition
Hall with plain cornice before Cornice Repair
Before - Hall with plain cornice
C-9 Cornices
After- Hall with CA05 and CA07 added
Cornice Repair
Hall – Before Cornice Additions
After - Hall with Easy Cornice Vitaria (CA 05) and Bahia (CA07) added
After - Hall with CA05 and CA07 added
Damaged ceiling and column in a corner Before Cornice Repair
Before Cornice Repair
After Cornice Repair for a wall with ceiling repair
After Cornice Repair
Cracked Cornices and wall in a corner
Before - Cracked Cornices
Cracked Cornices
During - Cornice Makeover
After cornice repairs with Concealed Cracked Cornices
After - Concealed Cracked Cornices